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    I am a very experienced fantasy player. I play in both roto and h2h, so you can come to me with questions reguarding both styles. I can help you with trades, who to start, and the rating of your team. So just ask.

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    • PG Dwyane Wade
      SG Tracy McGrady
      G Manu Ginobili
      SF Peja Stojakovic
      PF Andres Nocioni
      F Andrea Bargnani
      C Erick Dampier
      C Ben Wallace
      Util Kirk Hinrich
      Util J.R. Smith
      BN Kenyon Martin
      BN Tim Duncan
      BN Jason Williams
      Whats a matter with this team? I cant figure it out.

    • rate my team i play in a h2 h league with 3pt pts reb stl blks TOand ast
      josh howard
      gerald wallace
      Antawn Jameson
      Ricky davis
      Devin Harris
      should i trade anyone, i am hurting for blocks and my TO are a problem. Any sell high guys or any advice would be great

    • J Dub or Antonio Daniels?? who is the more valuable point gaurd for an H2H team??

    • I'm trading jamison/crawford for Gerald Wallace/Hinrich
      Needed some stls/blks, is this a good trade ??

    • hey how can i upgrade my team? i have raymond felton tj ford gilbert arenas raja bell jason richardson travis outlaw larry hughes luol deng danny granger dwight howard yao ming nick collison andrea bargnani in my team and im last at our league. it is a h2h league with 12 teams. pls help me. i need assists rebs and steals

    • Hey there.

      15-team roto league (13-player roster).

      I've been struggling lately, but I think I've made some recent trades to improve my team.

      Louis Williams
      Manu Ginobili
      John Salmons
      Josh Smith
      Rashard Lewis
      James Jones
      Chris Wilcox (pending trade for Ilgauskas -- good?)
      Travis Outlaw
      Damon Stoudamire
      Anderson Varejao
      Kyle Lowry
      Craig Smith

      Looking at James Posey in the FA. Worth picking up? Who would I drop? (maybe Stoudamire?)

      I'm obviously lacking big-time in assists, as I have no star PG. I'm hoping to wait a couple of weeks for Salmons and Outlaw to have higher value.

      Anyway, I'm at the bottom of my league. Any suggestions you can give?

    • see "josh childress?". I am in a standard yahoo H2H league.

    • i'm in H2h 12 man league 9 stats
      chris paul
      al harrington
      brad miller
      devin harris
      jamario moon

      do you think my team sucks? i need towin...acn you rate it pls... tnx and one more thing i traded odom for randolph and hinrich for crawford...do you think move is good or bad?give some advice plsss

    • i need your help i need 3s, should i drop webster for mobley, sczerbiak, or nocion...does webster have any hope left? im a roto 11 team league standard cats with t.o.'s

      even brewer is on the waiver but i dont need him, what should i do?

    • hey, i've a newbie question. how do waivers work? well, i added a player and it said that it was pending till the next day (dec 10). however, when it got to dec 10, someone else got able to sign him! wtf is that? according to the waiver table here, im (rank?) number 10 while the one who got was number 14. so is there priority to the higher numbered player? pretty frustrating

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