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  • Hank Scorpio Hank Scorpio Nov 29, 2007 1:51 AM Flag

    Drop Collison and pick up....

    Scola (seems to be coming around) Blatche, A. Walker?? Those seem to be the most decent options out there I need a PF or C or both, since my Frontcourt is a bit depleted due to Darko's injury (drop him??) besides him,I have Collison, Camby, and Aldridge. There are plenty of good perimeter options available (A. Daniels looks tempting, specially since I have Arenas) but I need paint help. 12 team roto, Thx

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    • Why not Kurt Thomas? He seems to be doing well. 14 boards last night.

    • Scola doesn't get enough minutes, my guess is because the coach wants a better interior defender (Hayes) next to Yao in the post. Keep him on your watch list and be ready to pounce if other Rockets go down with injuries.

      Antoine will hurt you with percentages and he isn't in their long term plans, if you need big man help I would pass on him.

      They said Darko might come back this weekend but they are concerned that his thumb injury will continue to nag him this season. Still, I would keep him and see how he does, he's a 10/10/2 threat when healthy, which is nothing to scoff at.

      I'm not high on Blatche for some strange reason. Doesn't seem like a very smart player, but others might disagree.

      Finally, Daniels looks like a must pick-up at this point: good numbers, great outlook minutes-wise. So I'd go with him, even though you need interior help, it's good to create areas of strength so you can afford to trade away from them later on.

    • bunp...

    • get blatche...can you answer my question?


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