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    Antonio Daniels

    So, I picked up Daniels, but I'm worried about the long run scheme of things. He's a viable PG2 for the next three months, but if Arenas comes back, he'll probably go back to insignificant in terms of fantasy value. So my question is, should I trade him now (perhaps even for someone less valuable but much more dependable in terms of longevity) or hold on to him throughout the season?

    Oh, and here are the details on my league's scoring system and my team:
    H2H, 12 cats: FG%, FTM, FT%, Pts, 3PM, DREB, OREB, REBS, ASTS, STLS, BLKS, and TOs
    My team:
    Steve Nash (Pho - PG)
    Michael Redd (Mil - SG,SF)
    Antonio Daniels (Was - PG)
    Mike Miller (Mem - SG,SF)
    Danny Granger (Ind - SF,PF)
    Udonis Haslem (Mia - PF)
    Chris Bosh (Tor - PF,C)
    Carlos Boozer (Uta - PF,C)
    Tayshaun Prince (Det - SF)
    Andrew Bogut (Mil - C)
    Tyson Chandler (NO - C)
    Grant Hill (Pho - SG,SF)
    Elton Brand (LAC - PF,C) INJ

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    • Looks, from your lineup, like you're light on assists and heavy on rebounds. I'd try to move one of your PFs or Cs for a solid second string PG, like Raymond Felton. Daniels is worth hanging onto, but as you said, his worth may be limited. Keep in mind, though, that Deshawn Stevenson is no stud, and Daniels may push him out of the 2 guard spot when Agent Zero returns. 3 months is a long time, but I don't think most folks will realize that, and give you what Daniels is really worth in production over that time.

    • deja a daniels...ahi yo lo tengo...son 12 semanas de 10 puntos por juego y 9 asistencias...ya al final de los 3 meses...cambialo por algo de mejor valor..ya que arenas volvera

    • I understand three months is a long time, but I'm also thinking playoffs (which extend to mid april)- hence my worries. I don't want to be stuck picking up some scrub off the waiver wire at the end of the year if I lose a stud like Daniels when Arenas comes back (and since it's H2H and the Arenas owner in our league isn't one to drop his #1 pick, there is reason to wonder).

    • I dropped Arenas FOR Daniels six days ago. Let Arenas go - you won't be sorry this year. He could come back for the last 20 games, but he will be FA in early FEB and you can grab him back. Unless this is a deep league, I would drop him.

    • Keep him, you have only one pg you need a back up and arena got 3 months...3 months!! thats basically the season!

    • So let's look at this in terms of when Arenas will come back.. Arenas had the SAME surgery back in April, 7 months later, he gets re-injured and has to have the same surgery again.. now we're saying he's going to be ready in 3 months when he obviously wasn't ready after 7 months and after a re-injury (which is always worse than an initial injury)? I know he's on a contract year but there's no way he risks his entire career to play the final 15 games of the season.. If anything I would sit out the rest of the year, rehab, and sign a 1 year contract to try to showcase that I'm worth a max deal..

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      • Hmmm, good point. Although I do worry since it is Arenas after all, and he's pretty prideful to take a one-year deal... Do you really think he'll shut it down for the entire season if he can play 15 games and showcase that he's back and healthy?
        But I do see your point that it took him a while to recover from the first injury, and that this is a re-injury, so three months may be way too generous. Any insights folks?


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