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  • PhightinPhil PhightinPhil Nov 16, 2007 1:59 PM Flag

    ***JUST OFFERED: 3-FOR-2***

    Tell me what you think.

    I get: Lamar Odom, Raymond Felton & Sam Dalember
    I give: Carlos Boozer & Rudy Gay

    No way I make that, right?

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    • No way. How would it help YOUR team? Boozer is top 10. I wouldn't do it even without Gay.

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      • Looking at the trade long term it's better for his team. Boozer is nice but you can get about 10 boards from Odom who Phil Jackson is going to be playing closer to the basket now that Fisher is going to handle the rock. Odom also gets more assists than Boozer and better FT%s. Steals and blocks is probably a wash while Boozer will score more points and get better FG%. Even on the strength of that we can say Boozer is better than Odom but now, its not a blowout. You're telling me now that Felton, who is the most important player on the Bobcats (accoding to his teammates and coaches), is the unquestioned PG on that team, has improved his %s, gets 3s, steals, and assists along with a handful of boards, and Dalembert who gets a nightly double double and blocks shots isn't a big enough upgrade over Rudy "I shoot 3s, get steals, blocks, and oh yea, only 2 boards per game" Gay to make this an even deal?

    • I'd take it if I were getting those 3