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  • Four-L'S Four-L'S Nov 2, 2007 6:28 PM Flag

    joe why should nt I trade oakafor for josh smith?:?+

    help please

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    • Depends on how your team is built. If you have a lot of C's and have no SG's then I'd do it. But typically, you want your SG to get 3's and good FT%s and your C to get good FG%, boards, and blocks (which you have in Okafor). By trading Okafor for Josh Smith, you pretty much get the same blocks, less boards, more points, MUCH worse FG% and MUCH worse FT% (based on attempted FTs). Now to make up for that, you'd need your center to get good FT%'s and 3's to make up for your deficits at SG (and unless you have Okur it's not gonna happen)


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