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  • Andre B Andre B Nov 2, 2007 11:18 AM Flag

    I get AI2 and Aldridge, I give Amare

    My team is a little weak and I need some better depth. Is this a good deal for Amare?

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    • not enough for amare...he'll stay healthy this year

    • I'd do it

    • I guess they are going off potential versus proven. In the grand scheme of it all, they are all injury risks (take Brand, Foye for example)...so I'd rather have the proven with injury risk than the unproven with injury risk. I say KEEP AMARE...or at least if youre gonna trade him trade him for someone with proven stats.

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      • proven stats never eveer win championships, u have to be able to draft, pick up, and trade for players that are worth more than other owners think.. if you were safe every year you'd never own the mike millers, monta ellis', kevin martins, or al jeffersons of this league.. trust me, trades like this is why i win my leagues every year (let's just say I traded for LT, Steven Jackson, and Frank Gore in my football leagues last year and drafted and traded for Mike Miller and Deron Williams last year before the season started)

    • I'd take it. Aldridge is going to score alot and is athletic and long enough to rack up blocks on some slower PFs and Cs in the league as well as some guards trying to get layups around him. Amare is always an injury risk though he did look good last night but I saw Aldridge is a slight downgrade from Amare. If we project what Aldridge has done last year in limited time, what he's done in the preseason, and his first game we can say he puts up 23 points, close to 10 boards per game, and 1.5-2 blocks.. pretty close to Amare in my opinion (don't believe me? he put up 27 points against Tim Duncan and the Spurs). AI2 is one of only 4 players to average 18, 5, and 5 last year and he's on a contract year (he declined an extension from the sixers because he wanted to use this season to "take the team to another level and catch the attention of the league" meaning he's going to play his heart out to get a max deal next year). Oh and the other 3 players to average 18+, 5, and 5? That was Lebron, Kobe, and T-Mac.. not too bad considering he shoots 44% and 82% can hit the occasional 3 and also will get u 2 steals and a block per.. TAKE THE TRADE

    • I would do it in a haertbeat if i were u!

    • I wouldn't take that deal if I were the other guy. Aldrige is noted to have a good season this year but you don't really know what you're going to get from him for 82 games. On the other hand, you know what Amare can give. If I were him, i'd counter offer because he can get more for Amare than Iggy.


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