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  • Double D Double D Oct 26, 2007 6:38 PM Flag

    Just drafted. How's my team?

    12 team, 9 category H2H league. How's my team? I know I could use some big help. I'll trade for that later. Thanks for your input.

    PG- Nash

    SG- Pierce

    G- Billups

    SF- Ricky Davis

    PF- Jamison

    F- Al Horford

    C- Aldridge

    C- Kaman

    Util- Nene

    Util- Mike Conley Jr.

    Bench- Matt Barnes, Grant Hill, Paul Millsap, Corey Brewer

    How are these trades for my team? -

    Conley Jr./Grant Hill for Artest

    Barnes/Nene for Granger/Biedrins

    I've got my eye on Jeff Green, Tyrus Thomas, and Nate Robinson to add if the Artest trade goes down. If so, who should I add?

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    • Anyone else?

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      • I think you have a exceptionally poor team.

        You're starting at least 2 players that come off the bench and won't ever likely get big minutes this year(Conley/Horford). Your entire bench is questionable. Grant Hill is now 35 years old. Brewer may start but whats that your 3rd rookie? Millsap and Barnes both come off the bench as well.

        As a whole you way overdid assists and threes and are mediocre to bad everywhere else. A 7th place finish would be the best case scenario for this team.

        and those "trades" are extremely lopsided in your favor.

    • ok a couple of things. you are really weak at the c spot. unless aldridge starts to dominate and kaman stops sucking i think that you will have trouble, especially because nenes minutes will be cut by kmart. your boards will be ok though cause you got jamison, pierce and horford, but your blocks will be pretty weak. your 3's are over you will kill in that, and you should have assists locked up too. i would say that youre gonna need a good C, unless aldridge starts killin. TO's might be a problem with davis, nash, pierce and billups though. i dont think either of those trades would happen, but i would take jeff green if it goes down


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