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    Al Jefferson for Rashard Lewis.

    This is my team in a 7 team league. I need a good starting center badly. I was offered Al Jefferson for Rashard Lewis. Is that a good deal? My team is the one with R.Lewis.

    PG Dwyane Wade
    SG Michael Redd
    G Chauncey Billups
    SF LeBron James
    PF Zach Randolph
    F Rashard Lewis
    C Tyson Chandler
    C Chris Kaman
    Util Jose Calderon
    Util Grant Hill
    BN Luol Deng
    BN Randy Foye
    BN Ricky Davis
    BN Jason Kapono
    BN Derek Fisher
    BN Andres Nocioni
    BN Stephen Jackson

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    • I would try to find a way to bring in a couple of lesser C's.

      Losing Rashard will leave you with not much in the way of 3's relatively speaking - they're all coming from Redd otherwise.

      The bargaining chip I would be using is Randolph myself - apart from points and boards he's not much help elsewhere for a big man - there is no way Deng should be riding your bench with his plus percentages...

      I'd also try to get a a stat stuffer or two into your lineup - Redd doesn't really help much apart from scoring and neither does Randolph so that's another reason to punt Randolph and maybe a bit of your bench depth (ricky davis or Steven jackson perhaps because you are loaded at the guard spots)...

      Again you don't need world beaters at C but you could try to get a plus boards and blocks guy like Biedrins or even take a punt on aldridge (of course you'd be looking for an upgrade elsewhere as well)...

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      • So stat stuffers for you to consider - Gay, Granger, etc...

        You want guys who will post at least 6-7 boards and a block/steal per game - the threes and points in the mid-teens would be icing (you've got plenty of points already with your studs).

        I know it might sound dumb in a 7 team league to be starting fringe guys like this but it will still make a difference (especially if it's a roto league)...

        Given that you need a decent C who will get you boards and blocks and may be trading Randolph for them someone like Granger or Gay would be a nice fit to replace Randolph because they'll fill in some of the points and add a few more boards/blocks/steals/3's to your line...

      • So stat stuffers for you to consider - Gay, Granger, etc...

    • oh and u have ricky davis there too, so many players to fill Rashards numbers.. you might actually want to trade for a better point guard as backup too.. Calderon and Fisher arent guaranteed stat players. Mite be better off risking it on Jameer or Delonte West

    • you mite have to bite the bullet and do the trade.. Al should be really productive in points, fg%, blocks and rebs. YOu have plenty of cover at SF in Nocioni Jackson and Hill... with a deep bench like that, you just start the guy with better matchups or form.

    • I would stick with Lewis and wait..and then get more for Lewis.


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