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  • Lebron James
    TJ Ford
    Ruben Patterson
    Ray Allen
    Allen Iverson
    Drew Gooden
    Chris Kaman
    Jeff Green
    Jason Richardson
    Stephon Marbury
    Lamarcus Aldridge
    Tyson Chandler

    I'll put that up against anybody!

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    • Off the top of my head you might need help in FG% and TOs. Assists look alright. points are good. steals are good. Not sure bout the other categories. I'd still say you'll be a top 5 team this year, but you should think about dealing Ray Allen cuz I really don't think he'll be as valuable this year. But I could be wrong. Marbury is up in the air. Maybe deal him and Ray Allen for safer players that are guaranteed to be good and help you FG% and maybe lower you TOs. But don't give up too much. Maybe deal them in a 2 for 1 deal and I'm sure there are some good FAs in your league. There are some in almost every league. Do it quickly though before we get too close the season. *Hermann WILL be huge the year especially with May out* I'm saying this a lot, but it's the truth and can't stress it any more.

    • Decent team. Mines a lot better!

      Kobe Bryant (SG)
      Pau Gasol (PF,C)
      Gerald Wallace (SF,PF)
      Jason Terry (PG,SG)
      Mo Williams (PG)
      Danny Granger (SF,PF)
      Peja Stojakovic (SG,SF)
      Tayshaun Prince (SF)
      Walter Hermann (SF,PF)
      Chris Wilcox (PF,C)
      Kendrick Perkins (C)
      Earl Watson (PG)
      Jose Calderon (PG) (Will probably dump him for a more reliable PG)