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  • Russell Russell Oct 6, 2007 11:43 AM Flag

    Active Managers..First Year Keeper League

    As I'm sure, posts like these are made day in and day out. But the reason I'm here is to let everyone know i am starting my own keeper league. I've been a member of a keeper league in Baseball and Basketball since 03' and just joined one in Football this year. Though, I'm not completely satisfied with those leagues, there are few things i would like to change, so i figured i would go ahead and start my own league. So if anyone is interested please email me, or it would be even more convenient if you had Y! Messenger, so we can chat things over. My user name is nick_russell32.

    So for just a little rundown now on the league. ....
    It will be called "The Pistons Return" for the first season and like everything else in the league, it's negotiable. There will be a max of 16 teams. Roto is the scoring type. 4 Players will be kept year in and out. No max moves or trades. The positions consist of the following....<1-PG 1-G 1-SG 1-SF 1-F 1-PF 2-C 2-Util 5-BN>.

    If there is anyone that is interested please either email me or contact me through Y! Messenger. I'll then decide if you an eligible canidate to remain active throughout the entire season.

    Y! Messenger:nick_russell32@yahoo.com


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