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  • Brightside Brightside Oct 6, 2007 3:20 AM Flag

    Rate My Team Please

    Obviously I need to improve. What do I need???

    PG-Chauncey Billups
    SG-Cuttino Mobley
    G-Luke Ridnour
    SF-Shawn Marion
    PF-Kevin Garnett
    F-Rasheed Wallace
    C-Al Harrington
    C-Samuel Dalembert
    Util-Nenad Krstic
    Util-Hedo Turkoglu
    Bench-Jarrett Jack
    Bench-Luther Head

    Obviously my guards and bench depth needs improvement. I traded Luol Deng and Ray Allen to get Kevin Garnett. I couldn't pass up the notion of having both Marion and KG on the same roster.

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    • You got problems. I don't like your SG and G positions. For a Yahoo league, your team is also weak at C. Al is not going to produce blocks or rebounds and Kristic is coming off a serious knee injury and woj't be up to snuff until next year sometime. To win a Yahoo Fantasy pool you need a balanced team. You cannot win unless you have 3-4 PG's who can produce 'assists, 3's, and steals. Yours are simply not all around types and that is going to kill you.

    • you need a go to, high FG% Center. other than that you look ok...even with some depth in Krstic, Head....but an Okafor, Nene, Boozer type is what I'd be worried about not having going down the streatch, if you're in a league that counts FG%.

    • brightside, do you have AIM or soemthing? it would be easier to discuss on there...
      mine is iki4life

    • u need a pg and sg

      try going for joe johnson at sg...hes usually a steal at the 4th or 5th round and someone mite be willing to give him up

      for pg...u can take a chance on a steve francis type player since hes back in houston and will look to have a much better season than his last couple...u can even try to get a tj ford type player...

      i myself havea question...i have kg and dwight howard...im keeping kg,, but im thinking of getting rid of howard for a top 10 player...is marion for howard straight up a good deal for me?...shud i add more or should the other add more for the deal to occur?

      i also have luol deng but u seemed to have traded him..he was a good acquistion for u so u mite want to try to fill in for him...look at tracy mcgrady, ben gordon or the likes

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      • I agree with Kenneth R, your team has some serious flaws.
        Frankly, I would have kept Deng and Allen. You have problems at SG, C and back up Point Guard.
        See if you can make a trade for Maggette, although he is injury prone, he is playing for a contract and should do well and may not be difficult to get. Mobley is injured again. You should trade both Garnett and Marion. These are your two most valuable assets and you do not want to give up Billups. Try to get two solid players back for each. Your stars will be gone but you will improve your overall depth and versatility as stated by kenneth R.
        Suggestion 1 Trade Garnett for Dwight Howard and Josh Howard, Maggette or Okafur and Kevin Martin-you get the idea
        Suggestion 2 Shawn Marion for Josh Howard and Ray Felton or Richard Jefferson and Deron Williams
        See if Rajon Rondo is available as a free agent, if so pick him up.
        Best of luck- KSinger1952