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  • AriesRam AriesRam Oct 5, 2007 9:17 PM Flag

    Hows my team?

    my team is a work in progress...who should i get rid of?

    Deron Williams
    Kobe Bryant
    Stephen Jackson
    Luke Walton
    Dwight howard
    Tyson Chandler
    Monta Ellis
    Luther Head
    Tim Thomas
    Darko Milicic
    Jason Kapono

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    • You should probably be able to upgrade Walton, Head, and Kapono (maybe), but def the first two. They don't belong on a fantasy team right now.

    • Uh, don't listen to the idiot who said to get rid of Darko.

      Darko should have his best year, period. Will be one of the break out studs of the league this year, gauranteed.

      You have a good team; Deron/Kobe/S Jax is a 9.2/10 easily.

      Walton/Sheed/Diaw is your weakest area - I see another down year for Diaw, and you know what to expect from Sheed/Walton. Sheed should have an up year.

      Dwight Howard is someone I don't like. Really don't like. But, your team is all pretty good at FT% so you're neutralizing that. I'd still like to see you sub him out for a different C.

      Luther Head is crap - you can get rid of him. You might want to throw Darko into a starting F position and drop Diaw into a Util and make him expendable in case Grant Hill/the Brazilian gobbles up more of his production.

      Decent team. 8/10

    • Good team, definatly keep Kobe. Get rid of milicic. lol


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