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  • Matt Matt Aug 17, 2014 1:32 AM Flag

    Rate My Team Please!!!

    12 Team League
    Head to Head
    11 Overall Pick

    First time ever doing a 12 man league. (My RB's are really bad and they are under performers other than that i think my team is pretty solid) Hopfully Ray Rice underachieves and Benard Pierce gets the bulk of the snaps for the Ravens!!!
    QB- Colin Kaepernick
    RB- CJ Spiller
    RB- Trent Richardson
    WR- AJ Green
    WR-Piere Garcon
    TE- Jimmy Graham
    RB/WR- Keenan Allen
    K- Steve Novak
    DEF- ST. Louis
    Golden Tate
    Steven Ridley
    Benard Pierce
    DeAngelo Williams
    Chris Ivory
    Mike Evans

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    • Its not a bad team but there is room for improvement, if your gonna win your league your gonna need to play the waiver wire and make some trades or pray for some luck. Kaep could be frustrating for you , he was last year. He showed some stellar games and then went cold for a while though he was alot better with Crabtree on the field. You might wanna look into who is on the waiver wire, if Cutler or Ryan are available id consider picking them up just in case. Spiller could be real good if he stays healthy, Richardson has a really high ceiling unfortunately he utterly sucked last year, you might be able to catch lighting in a bottle with him though if your lucky. Green is a stud, Garcon should still be good, i think he is still the #1 in Washington even with Jackson there he's a decent WR2/ a good WR3. Graham is amazing. Allen is a WR2 with the potential to be a WR1. Golden tate is alright not sure what kind of production he'll have right now he's a WR3/WR4. Ridley could be a solid RB2 if he stops fumbling. With Pierce and Williams your hoping that the other guy in the back field blows out there leg, there RB4s IMO. Ivory is maybe a RB3, Mike Evans is a Rookie, and although McCown had five great games, he's been a career backup till then, I'll wait till he shows he can handle being the guy before i trust him or his receivers (other than Vjax). If Carlos Hyde or terrance West or Kelvin benjamin are available on your waiver wire id look into picking them up. I think your team is decent, id say your clear weaknesses are your QB and RBs. i think with a little bit of luck your RBs could actually be really good but i don't trust Kaepernick.

    • Yea your RB's could use an upgrade for sure. I personally would rather have Evans at WR2 than Garcon, WAS made a lot of moves at this position during the off season making it difficult to gauge who will be RG3's #1 guy. I suggest picking up another QB for safety, Kaep isn't the greatest so see what else is on the waiver wire...Bridgewater has been playing amazingly well so far so if he becomes the starter he might be worth while. Best of luck!!!


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