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  • Tgww Tgww Dec 28, 2013 2:41 PM Flag

    here's my lineup.. any advice? big $ on the line...

    STARTERS Wk 17

    QB Aaron Rodgers, GB QB
    RB LeSean McCoy, Phi RB
    RB Frank Gore, SF RB
    RB/WR Rashad Jennings, Oak RB
    WR Antonio Brown, Pit WR
    WR Riley Cooper, Phi WR
    TE Marcedes Lewis, Jac TE
    D/ST Dolphins D/ST D/ST
    K Shayne Graham, NO K

    Bench Nick Foles, Phi QB
    Bench James Jones, GB WR
    Bench Ryan Mathews, SD RB
    Bench Michael Crabtree, SF WR
    Bench Panthers D/ST D/ST

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    • I was shocked that no one argued that.

    • A couple of thoughts. At flex Mathews would be my start over Jennings. He's significantly out touching Jennings since Jennings returned from concussion and has a string of 100 yard games. Last week a healthy Jennings got 13 touches and had RunDMC vulture a TD and McFadden's role was more akin to a timeshare than a relief role. I'm starting Mathews and Bernard over Jennings this week.
      WR. Cooper certainly has the potential to score well and, as an underdog, I'd be tempted to start him too. His production, however, swings wildly and he's just off a month long string of games where he fell significantly below double digits. Steadier as he returns to health is Crabtree (and likely even Jones with Rodgers back). I would start Crabtree as either a favorite or in a close matchup. Good luck.

    • Yea, I would start Foles. Dallas' defense is #$%$. So is Chicago's but, I would start Foles

    • why would u start a QB who just is getting back on the field over a guy who has been scorching fantasy with points on the second ranked offense in the NFL. Who cares, who the big name is. That move leaves much to be desired. Especially when u have McCoy, that way u cash in on both run and pass TDs. You play Rogers, u will cry every time Foles throws for one. You should also play the Eagles kicker or ur matchup's QB kicker. Crabtree or Riley I also think is a huge higher ceiling play too. Dolphins just allowed the Bills to beat them up. They have huge issues being consistent and the Jets want to play spoiler and all players will be up for the Jets game to try and save Ryan's job. Play Carolina and you know exactly what to expect 80% of the time. So, I don't like your roster.

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      • i don't see your offering a fact based rebuttal...Tom.............................................lol

      • As for your saying, "You should also play the Eagles kicker or ur matchup's QB kicker"...what the hell is the basis for that idea? It doesn't hold water. Generally speaking, playing a kicker on a team with a high-scoring offense is the best way to make this decision. On that basis, either kicker would be a reasonable choice (Henery or Crosby)....but based on the fact that they're liable to be in high scoring games and get plenty of opportunities to put up points, BUT NOTHING TO DO WITH THE FACT THAT YOU PLAY THEM...BECAUSE YOU'RE ALSO PLAYING THEIR QB. I'd truly love to hear an attempt at an explanation for this idea of yours.

      • Tom, you just gave out advice based on one of the worst, and stupidest fallacies in the game...that being that if you play a QB because you're also playing his receivers and RBs that you're somehow gaining more points that n if you played another QB. McCoy will score what he scores...regardless if the guy plays Foles or Rodgers. What you're referring to is this ridiculously errant idea of what many people call "getting double points"....when a QB throws to one of his own players, that you're starting on your FF team. Whether this guy plays Foles ...or he plays Rodgers, he'll still get every single point McCoy scores. No "double points"...just a warm squishy feeling in his stomach if Foles throws the TD or the big gainer to him. Most people realize how dumb this concept is before the end of their first season.

      • I agree with Tom. Even though it is Rodgers, Foles will out produce him this week.

    • start Mathews over Jennings
      Carolina over Miami
      James Jones over Cooper

    • but it's Aaron Rodgers! Everyone agree with this?

    • i like Foles over Rodgers and Carolina over Miami


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