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  • Carl Carl Dec 28, 2013 10:09 AM Flag

    For everyone thats season is over i have a 2014 ? for you...

    Can you really consider taking Gordon ahead of MegaTron? Both are great talents (I had Gordon this year and help push me to me 1st championship in my 3rd year, after a 3rd and then a 4th place finish) Im not saying Gordon isnt a stud and shouldnt be atleast a 2nd round pick but... as far as seriously over taking Megatron for being the no 1 wr taking i just dont know. Megatron has been doing it for years and his size makes it hard for defenses to cover. YES Gordon looked matchup prof but isnt MegaTron the definition of matchup prof? Ideally Im not going wr 1st rd so Megatrons not my answer would rather have Gordon n 2nd rd. So thats y im fishing for advice if you thank hel be there?

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    • It's so nice to have my own little cult following of nerdy thumbs downer girls! I give Ol' Blues a compliment and I immediately get two thumbs down. Yet another good reasons for parents to oversee their children playing on the internet ...

    • as usual, it's hard to beat Ol'Blues when it comes to FF advice. i'd trust his advice over anyone....professional gurus included.

    • If Cleveland gets a solid QB in the draft or free agency, then I would say yes. Mainly based on when the two will be drafted in fantasy drafts. Megatron will still be a 1st-2nd round pick while Gordon may fall to the 3rd-5th rounds leaving you a few more picks to strengthen your team. Gordon is for real. But it takes 2 people for a WR to be successful. Himself, and his QB and Cleveland just doesn't have anyone to fill that void right now.

    • Id draft Gordon over Megatron just for the age factor alone. Catching a guy on the rise is much more important than riding a guy down the career decline slope. Yes, Megatron is great WR, but missing the balls across the middle might definitely be a warning sign that he is hearing footsteps. He making 130million dollars and any rational person would understand that one bad hit, he could be spending it from a wheelchair. Gordon hasnt cashed in yet. So between his age and the fact that he still trying to get paid, I would draft Gordon ahead of Megatron but I wouldnt do what a lot of people did this past year and draft Mega in the first round. Don't really think any WR belongs in the first round draft but thats me I guess.

    • I wouldn't, but he sure is a close second. I think DET is really going to focus on Stafford's passing ability during the offseason which will really make Megatron himself again.

    • No. We have no idea as yet how far Gordon (or, for that matter, Alshon Jefferey) will develop. Neither is an accomplished route runner. Neither faces the relatively constant double teaming that the elite WRs like Megatron, Green and Dez face (and, as long as Brandon Marshall remains Brandon Marshall in his prime, it's unlikely Jefferey will routinely face that type of coverage). Unless there is an improvement in the remaining Browns receiving corps DCs figure to scheme more heavily to limit Gordon (and, no, not the Pats silliness of primarily single coverage by a hopelessly overmatched Talib).Top 5? Yes, but not #1.


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