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  • Chuck V Chuck V Dec 24, 2013 9:06 AM Flag

    yahoo pro leagues

    does anyone know when they paypal the winnings for football?

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    • Last year I had to nudge them.

    • from what i remember after winning my pro league last year, I think it takes them around a week to process everything and then you will have the money in your paypal account.

    • That's what I'd like to know too Chuck. Suddenly, out of nowhere, I can't access my Yahoo Mailbox. It keeps saying that I "timed out" and to sign in again, but when I do it just keeps telling me that I "signed out".

      Maybe it's just a weird coincidence, maybe not, but I have NEVER had any trouble with my Yahoo Mail before, and I know that Yahoo Fantasy Football is supposed to send an e-mail about your winnings. It also says that after they send you that notification they will credit your PayPal account with your winnings. My problem with that is that when I signed up initially they didn't recognize my PP account for some reason, but they still got my payment anyway.

      I called some number and the rep there said that they were having trouble with everybody's PP account being recognized and not to worry about it. OK, so I didn't, but now that it's time for them to pay me I am worrying about it.

      I do know this, it will take until the REAL regular season is over until we here anything, at least that's what it says in the rules for the Pro Leagues. I dunno man, I'm getting a little suspicious about all of this. Let me know what you have heard.