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  • Mike Tolokan Mike Tolokan Oct 26, 2013 10:09 AM Flag

    Do this trade????

    i would be giving up cecil shorts and ivory for roddy white. I know the deal itself is great, however me giving away 2 guys kills my flex until he or andre brown is fully healthy and these next 2 weeks are big...heres my team
    QB- Rivers, Wilson
    WR- Jordy, Cecil, Denarious Moore, DHB
    RB- Lynch, leveon bell, Andre Brown, Ivory
    TE- Witten
    DEF- Seattle

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    • Nahhh, I would not do it. Having inured and/or non-performing Fantasy players sitting on your bench occupying valuable roster space is not fun at all.

    • Honestly I would consider pulling the trigger on this trade...

      It's pretty much Shorts for Roddy. Ivory doesn't have much value to me...he'll continue splitting carries with Powell. If you can pick up someone decent off waivers then Roddy's value could be much higher than Shorts in a couple weeks.

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      • 1.9, 2.1, 1.6, 2.8, and 4.5 Thats Roddys numbers. You play people like him, you deserve to be dead last in any league. Ivory alone went for 100 plus yards last week and a respectable 10 FPs. You arent gonna enshrine the guy, but I would be sick to my stomach if a supposed WR1 hung 2 pts a week and I left him in. Cecil been averaging 8FPs a game with a bum clavicle. But i could deal with a WR3 getting me a consistent 8 a week. Jags are gonna be playing from behind almost every game with certainty and Blackmon is gonna get the star CB so Shorts is an attractive play with the consistency and the potential to hang 20 any given week.

      • very torn man but thank you i agree with wait your saying but everyone else seems to disagree

      • and the 12FPs that Roddy has hung since game 1 spells value to you and no one really knows the true extent of his injury, unless u work for the Falcons. Ivory just came back and is ripping it and Shorts gets all sorts of upside with garbage time TDs. OMG, u want him to dump the two healthy producers for the hurt guy. Amazing!!

    • why do u think the deal favors you. Roddy has scored 12FPs this year. A Total bust and his name maybe the top one on the end of the year bust list with Julio out. With all due respect, Quit looking at a players future based on what he did last year. the sample size this year is large enough to discard last years numbers and start looking at this years. Look at the NO defense from last year to this year. How about the projections for Doug Martin, Every year there are so many managers who at the end of the year say, well, I had a great draft. Thats nonsense, it was a great draft based on what happened the previous year with little thought into what the current year held. Last year is history and u can't possibly be competive basing all ur decisions onwhat happened last year. Ask, anyone who has Spiller, or Trent or a half dozen other guys.

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      • point taken was really wondering your thoughts of how he would do now that julios gone, i know he has only scored about 13 points but also while being hurt almost the whole time, im assuming their not gonna rush to put him back on the field now until completely healthy and would hope that at that point hed be a lil more productive than the first have of the season but i appreciate the advice and understand what your saying

    • No way. Roddy hasn't been productive at all. He has been an injured decoy.


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