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  • RR RR Oct 20, 2013 4:37 PM Flag

    lol at you idiots who started foles

    lmao. how does listening to "fantasy experts" working out for you?

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    • The consensus "fantasy expert" ranking for Foles was like 14th or something. Get your head out of your #$%$.

    • FACT: He would have more points if he played the full game

    • I think that Foles was a reasonable play for the week. I wouldn't have been surprised one bit if he'd out-performed Rodgers, just as T predicted. The problem I had (and referred to earlier) is with the so-called "reasons" that T offered. He had been misstating since preseason that Rodgers had "lost his weapons" during the 2012 season, when the facts show that he only lost Jennings...and Driver (who caught less than 10 passes the whole season and was a non-factor)...and because he "lost his weapons", would have a down season. What T continues to refuse to admit is that Rodgers only real loss was Jennings...and before last week's game...he had Cobb, Nelson, and Finley (not exactly a shabby bunch of receivers) Coming into the this week, Rodgers had CLEARLY LOST TWO PRIMARY RECEIVERS...and no one would have been surprised if he had STRUGGLED. But our man, T...had claimed he was struggling before last week. Through 6 weeks, Rodgers average ppg was almost identical to last season, despite the fact that they actually have a run game this season with the emergence of Lacy. T was trying to connect last season's NON-EXISTENT loss of "all of his receivers"....to this week's game, after he HAD....lost two of his best WRs. It was one of his preseason "you heard it here!" (his exact words) predictions that was based on totally errant information. No problem with predictions...just don't advise people who are trying to improve their rosters and often new to the game....with ERRANT, FALSE INFORMATION....being sold as facts. T still won't admit that Rodgers PPG average is better today than it was last season...and that HE DID NOT... "lose all of his receivers" LAST SEASON....NOT LAST WEEK. Just one example of his misleading, non-factual statements that probably cost people wins every single week.

    • And I bet you're so amazing at predictions you started Roy Helu this week as your #1 RB. How about people who started Tom Brady???? 7.12 points this week, against the Jets? Yup because you know exactly what is going to happen each week. How about Arian Foster? Or Jay Cutler? Or Justin Blackmon? Or Josh Gordon?

      You sound like a crying little kid because deep down you wanted Foles and weren't a high enough priority to be able to add him, even with your sad sack team.

    • Lol all you want, but the fact is if I didn't start him I'd have four fewer points right now (started him over Brady).

    • i started cutler :(

    • our own local "expert" , "T" was spewing this #$%$ about foles all week.... and i guarantee you that he'll never admit he was wrong...about this or any of the many other bad predictions he made this week....and makes every week.


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