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    Trade Help Blackmon for Cameron?

    I have Justin Blackmon. I'm deep at WR in a ten team, non-PPR league. I've been proposed this trade: Justin Blackmon (outgoing) for Jordan Cameron (incoming). I have Garrett Graham as my TE right now. I have Jordy Nelson, AJ Green, Mike Wallace and Vincent Jackson as my WR. Good trade for Cameron even with dip in production recently?

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    • i got the other duel...c. shorts and j. gordan, so it flip flop.....lol.....w/c. shorts injured and blackmon the #1 i would keep blackmon......w/bye weeks coming you need wr's...but on the other hand you need a better te...i would sugguest going to get a heavy targeted te.....h, miller, s. chandler (these should be available), j. grisham, or possible d. clark all these te's have been productive and heavy target........and with the addition of m. flynn and no s. johnson.....s. chandler will be targeted more...but h. miller is the one i go for

    • Two weeks ago this would have been a no-brainer, but now you should be able to get more for Blackmon. You need an upgrade at TE, but maybe you could offer VJax instead? Blackmon may be a WR Top-5 ROS, while Cameron is losing value.

    • Naw. Graham is fine at TE....Cameron doesn't seem to be a massive upgrade at this point. The real reason Cameron's receptions have gone down has nothing to do with Weeden, and everything to do with Josh Gordon. He's the clear #1 target on that team. Definitely not worth trading Blackmon, who is going to get so many looks in garbage time it's not even funny. I would deal one of your other WRs for some TE help if you can, depending on who you have.