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  • Scott C Scott C Oct 7, 2013 12:57 PM Flag

    Trade which TE for a RB

    I have both Cameron and Witten but my RBs are Sproles, Woodhead, and D. Williams. I wouldn't mind going after a RB such as Le'Veon Bell, who won't share carries with any other Pitt RB. My problem is which of my TEs do I move. Cameron looked awesome so far but now he has Weeden instead of Hoyer throwing to him. Witten finally showed up again since week 1.

    I could use some expert advice on this one.

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    • The answer is simple, you trade whichever one gets you the best player in return. Its not like your talking about Graham or Gronk. If you need a RB, throw offers out with both of these guys and take the best one that comes back.

    • Has Witten showed up or did the Cowboys play in a shoot out where 100 points was scored? I believe it's more about matchups then showing up. Romo threw 500+ yards, everyone was gonna get some.

      With that said, I doubt someone would give up Le'Veon Bell for either of your TEs. I know I wouldn't. Unless you are in a 14+ team league there is decent weekly plays on the waiver wire. I can't say the same for RBs.

      Now, to answer your question... I would start with offering Witten and see if they bite, You'd be selling him at the peak of his value and if it worked that would be awesome. I'd rather have Cameron going forward, and yeah it sucks that Hoyer is out for season, but Weeden and Cameron also had strong chemistry in the pre season AND the first 2 games of the season.


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