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  • abcdefg abcdefg Oct 2, 2013 12:13 PM Flag

    T. Rich Trade

    I'm giving up T. Rich for J. Gordon and G. Bernard. League keeps vetoing the trade saying T. Rich is worth more. I think this is an awesome trade since I'm getting 2 good players for one. I'll be solidifying my WR's while still getting help from Bernard. My RB1 is Foster. I need a good argument to post in the league to allow the trade.


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    • Completely fair trade. If anything You're getting too much. People think T Rich is good because of his name. He's not. He's a 3 yard per carry slug. Bernard is gonna be the main man in Cincinatti very soon and Gordon is a beast. Should not be vetoed.

    • Josh Gordon can finish in the top 5 WR any given week and Bernard has been solid. I have Trich and I would entertain this trade. People in your league apparently don't understand the purpose of the trade veto.

    • Tell your league that you have tabled the issue in this forum and that the unanimous response (unless you receive answers that support the veto) is that it is an absolute fair trade.

    • Vetoes should only be used in the case of 2 teams colluding together....If both owners think a trade is good for both teams, the rest of the league should #$%$.....I think it is a fairly even trade. T-Rich hasn't exactly set the world on fire, and Gio/Gordon are both averaging more pts/game in our league. Tell your fellow owners to stop being diks.

    • seriously? wow, your league is a pain in the butt. I never pay attention to the trades. Who cares? lol. I really don't EVER veto trades. I think it's a good trade for you. I'm not sure about TRich, I'm kind of worried if he'll produce.


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