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  • hivoltage3 hivoltage3 Sep 5, 2013 11:23 AM Flag

    Who should start at my wk-1 flex position? Bradshaw, DeAngello Williams, Moreno, or Giovani Bernard //Standard scoring.

    I have seen different projections. One has Bradshaw 12.5, Moreno at 5 FP's,Williams at 7.1 and Bernard at 10.6
    The other has Bradshaw at 7.7, Moreno at 10,Williams at 11.1 and Bernard at 6.5

    Thanks for any help as I always have a difficult time at wk-1 of the season deciphering info to make accurate decisions as preseason performances or lack thereof can cloud realistic projections.

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    • Go with Williams... he has a #$%$ matchup thats for sure but he is literally the only RB they have. He will get a ton of carries and only needs one to make that pay off for you. Bernard has a ton of upside but hard to say how he will be used until we see if in person. Moreno is listed as the number 3 back on the depth chart and the Denver backfield is someone I would touch with a 10 foot pool until they figure it out themselves. There is a reason Williams is projected at the most points and its cause he will have the most chance to score those points.

    • Go with Bradshaw. A proven running back with a delicious matchup. He's pretty much a lock to start this week.

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      • I forgot that I already had Bradshaw as my RB-2 so I guess I need to knmow who to go with between Moreno,Bernard or Deangelo Williams? I like bernard but BGE will steal touches. I would rather go with Moreno so I have a player to watch tonight but don't know how many touches he will get? Within the last day or two they say Moreno is the starting RB but I still think hes #3 out of him,Bernard and Williams.

    • giovanni looked great in preseason, and will get touches