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  • Rich Rich Aug 28, 2013 6:27 PM Flag

    I got a D on my draft report.: did I fix my team?

    10 team standard scoring, I picked 10th:

    QB: R. Wilson
    WR: V Cruz, A. Johnson
    RB: T. Richardson, A. Morris
    Flex: L. Miller
    TE: Z. Sudfeld
    K: D. Akers
    Def: Packers

    R. Matthews, Andre Brown, Bryce Brown, Gio Bernard, C. Shorts, D. Hopkins

    I traded Gio Bernard for Jermichael Finley, dropped Bryce Brown for Vincent Brown and dropped the Packers for Colts (I will play match-ups every week). Should I have a better grade now?

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    • You made a mistake listening to someone else's rankings and made it worse. Starting QB, WR and RBs are fine. In fact in standard, you have 2 of the top 10. Miller is the only questionable starter.

      Trading Bernard for a TE was a big mistake. RBs will almost always outscore TEs and most TEs are a dime a dozen anyway. You gave up a potential player who if he pans out and Miller doesn't, becomes a flex option and is also your best insurance against RB injuries or for bye week fill ins.

    • Top ranked team from my league draft? My brother, who didnt even bother to show up and yahoo auto picked it. He got a B+

    • You had a good team, dude. Why do you come and ask our opinions AFTER the fact? Geezzz...for future references DON't LISTEN to YAHOO's grading system!!!....

    • Wow... you made it way worse. LOL

    • I feel ya...I received a "C" on mine....but we're keeping 4 players for next year's draft so I'm building for '14 also
      .....tell me what you all think....gonna get rid of S Taylor for WR Wheaton....have a feeling he might surprise some people this year plus most of my WR's have the same damn bye week (9)....so need one more WR, had WR Robert Woods but w the QB situation in Buffalo I traded and I thought Mendenhall might not play...I went w S Taylor, someone I wouldn't mind getting rid of when I needed to.

      QB ~ Matt Stafford
      QB ~ RG3
      RB ~ M Lynch
      RB ~ D Richardson
      RB ~ B Brown
      RB ~ L Bell
      RB ~ G Bernard
      RB ~ S Taylor
      WR ~ C Johnson
      WR ~ L Fitgerald
      WR ~ A Boldin
      WR ~ D Hopkins
      TE ~ J Cook
      TE ~ C Fleener
      K ~ B Walsh
      K ~ M Nugent
      D ~ SF
      D ~ NOLA

    • I think with 10 team leagues the draft judging is much more strict. I saw a guy who i kept seeing making really good picks our whole draft.. predicted to finish dead last with a D- because he had a bad TE. I think that Wilson, Akers, Sudfield and the D is what caused you to get a bad rating in relation. Wilson, because they are projecting him as the 9th or 10th best qb.. well in a 10 man draft that them considering you with the worst guy. Is it true? Most likely no, but thats how they see it. Same thing with K, TE and D. All of those can be easily fixed and you already did with the TE, and a week to week D is fine. If st. louis, arizona or cincy are out there try them too.

      Al in all, you got bad ratings on positions that dont really matter and that gave you a bad grade, your team is fine

    • I like your team but kinda went down after your starters. And in my opinion i dont think you shouldve traded Gio, i wouldve traded matthews for a higher TE or finley and 1 more for matthews.

    • I got a D plus with a very similar team, but a lot of people really like my team. I really like yours...

    • That was not a D team. Don't take for the gospel everything that you read. I think you made a mistake, but its done so what I think now means nothing.

    • ur right about ur def. ur going to have to play week to week - see if the rams or AZ are available - carolina looks interesting too. i like ur improvements - sudfeld will get receptions regardless of his recent fumble punishment - ur rbs are pretty solid - helu might be an interesting handcuff for morris,


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