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    Who would you keep and why?

    I'm in a standard scoring 10 team keeper league. We can keep up to 3 players and lose the round they were drafted in. Which 3 would you keep from the list below? Thanks in advance

    1 Ray Rice
    3 Trent Richardson
    4 Jimmy Graham
    4 Jordy Nelson
    4 Brandon Marshall
    7 Maurice Jones-Drew
    8 Robert Griffin III
    15 Alfred Morris

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    • First of all your team is stacked great job, second of all you need to ignore most of the people that replied to your post....most of them know nothing about keeper leauges. Alfred Morris is a absolute steal in the 15th round no way I am passing him up. Trent Richardson is a stud and could be for years to come...I think you have to keep him and hope he can stay healthy. The last one is hard RGIII is hard to pass because he could be a keeper on your team for 10 more years. Graham is the best TE in the league but I would keep Marshall I think you can find a QB and TE in the draft that you will be happy with. It may be hard to find a top 5 WR that was not kept by another manager. With this plan it frees up your first and second round pick to take back Rice or another couple studs if you choose. Good luck this year.

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      • Thank you for your advice. I have found out that Gronkowski and Witten are being kept in this league also. I was considering keeping graham with finding that out and also knowing that Fitzgerald, Cruz, Vincent Jackson, Cobb, and maybe Roddy White will be available in the draft. Looking at who I believe everybody will keep I will have picks #6 and #8 at the least. Best case scenario I will have picks #4 and #6. So do you think I should keep Graham then? I wouldn't mind RG3 as my keeper, but health is a major concern. Plus I know Andrew Luck and some other solid qb's will be out there for me to draft later. Or if given the chance I may take RG3 again if still available.

    • Anybody else?

    • Keep Alfred Morris, MJD, and either Brandon Marshall or Jimmy Graham because you'll be hard pressed to find anywhere near there value in those rounds.

    • Anyone that doesn't suggest Morris and MJD should cancel their account

    • If you can start 3 RBs... T-Rich, MJD, and Morris
      If not, T-Rich, MDJ, and flip a coin on Graham or Marshall.
      These are your only two options. Everyone else's suggestions are stupid.
      I'd go with Marshall if you can only start 2 RBs

    • if you can start 3 rbs i would keep rice, trent, and alf.....you would have 3 top 10 rbs on one team in a 10 team league.....that is a great start......sure other guys are better value than rice....but rice is a stud and you will never be able to redraft him if you don't keep him....

    • Hang in there, because this is going to sound really odd.
      You have to keep Morris. Production value vs draft pick....can you find better production over MJD at 7? Quite possible. But better than Morris at 15? Not unless you luck out again. Morris, based purely on draft value vs what you can upgrade at that position...you HAVE to keep him.

      You likely won't improve on Rice in the first round. So he's a keeper.

      Brandon Marshall posted 100+ catches, 1500 yards, and 11 TDs last year while being double teamed to death. You will NOT improve over him at the 4th round.

      Arguments can be made that you can improve everywhere else BUT those three....so that's why I would keep Rice, Morris, and Marshall.

      I would, under penalty of death, get rid of MJD and RG3...I don't like the entire situation in Jacksonville and RG3's knee does not make him worth it.

      Honestly, the only keeper out of the three that I've listed....is Graham.

    • I would definitely keep MJD. I think he is over his contract woes of last year and is ready for a huge change in production this season especially with his fill-in starter Rashad Jennings gone. Rice would be my next choice. He's an automatic 1200 rush, 400 receiving. Graham and Marshall are a toss up but I'll take Graham. He is the undisputed #1 TE in the league by a wide margin. Payton is back and Brees will be rolling this year in this high passing offense. I feel Richardson will have a sophomore slump, a lot of targets in GB so no to Nelson, RG3 will be forced to play more cautiously so he may not be the double threat he was last season as a passer and runner. This could mean even more opportunities for Morris I'll concede that but Rice is automatic for me and like I said MJD is coming back big. Hope this helps!

    • MJD and Moris are the nobrainers imo. Graham vs Marshall is tougher but im keeping marshall.

    • Keep Ray Rice, Jimmy Graham and RGIII

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