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  • Mr. Dang Mr. Dang Aug 2, 2013 4:02 AM Flag

    How good do you think my team is? it's my second year playing Fantasy Football. I ranked last last year.

    QB-T. Brady (NE)
    WR-M. Williams (TB)
    WR-D. Alexander (SD)
    WR-W. Welder (DEN)
    RB-S. Ridley (NE)
    RB-A. Foster (Hou)
    TE-T. Gonzalez (Atl)
    K-S. Suisham (Pit)

    RB-B. Pierce (BAL)
    RB-J. Maclin (switching him for R. Cooper)
    RB-D. Williams (CAR)
    WR-A. Jeffrey (CHI)
    WR-D. Heyward-Bey (IND)
    QB-A. Smith (KC)

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    • Not bad for your second year. The only real mistake I see is that you waited until around your 5th pick to start getting WRs.

      Here's a couple tips for future reference...
      -If you decide to get a QB early (guessing Brady was 3rd or 4th pick) you should probably wait a few more rounds to get a TE. (and vise versa)
      -Wait until the last few rounds to get a Def and Kicker, you give up too much at other positions when you pick either as early as you had to get Seattle.

    • It's difficult to figure league size by your roster so this is a hard team to rate, but in a 10 teamer you're very weak, a 12 you will win some games and in a 14 you're competitive. You have some interesting picks that could be very profitable (e.g., Williams if Stewart's injuries linger into the season). I'm not a fan of your bench apart from Williams as none serve any upside purpose apart from the flier on Jeffery (whose prospects I'm tougher on than most). You want your bench to be littered with potential breakout players. So, I would rather have Kembrel Thompson and Ryan Broyles than either Cooper or DHB as neither of the latter has either the skills or the opportunity to produce whereas Broyles as the potential #2 WR in a 700 pass attempt offense and Thompson as the potential #2 WR for the Pats both offer huge upside potential. If they don't work out cut them and move on to another potential gold mine (e.g., speculate on whether the WR 3 for the Saints will be Morgan or Toon...the WR3 for the Packers is drafted about 70 ADP whereas the WR3 for the Saints is draft able over 100 spots later... or Rueben Randle at ADP 150+ as a hedge against the indestructible Hakeem Nicks "surprising" us with an injury).

      Another philosophy comment: with the incredible depth at QB (notable likely free agents in many leagues with the potential for QB1 production include Manuel and Tannehill) plus a QB1 in hand like Brady, why waste a roster spot on Smith? When are you ever sitting Brady for Smith? Brady's bye week is not an answer as you can pick a QB from the waiver wire who has a better matchup than Smith. Make your roster spots count. Don't blindly fill them with bodies that you will never use.

    • Decent upside on the bench, which is nice. Is this a 14 team league?

      You really would wish for at least one sure thing at WR, which you don't have, so that's the biggest downside I see here. I would have passed on Brady for another WR option.

      Not a bad team, especially becuase you do have an upside TE too, but I think you're going to need to hope one of those WRs performs closer to the elite level than they probable will. Missouri fan here, so I hope it's Danario!

      Leave Cooper, and go see if someone else is available. Maybe Ryan Broyles slipped through to Free Agency? or Michael Floyd?

    • Leave R. Cooper alone. Even if he wasnt a racist bonehead he'd be useless. A dozen better free agents available I'm sure.

    • You need help at WR. Definitely weak there.


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