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  • How is he a sleeper everyone and their brother is high on him.. I don't see what the fuss is about.. He's undersized and the talent is underwhelming. Draft and get disappointed...

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    • I suppose it depends on what your expectations are. Miller has a huge opportunity. Miami is an emerging offense, Miller has the skillset that on the surface fits that offense perfectly and he has no apparent serious competition for touches. But, he's so green that you're crazy to draft him early which means I likely won't own him on very many teams. On the other hand, if you're someone willing to bet on risky plays like RunDMC, Murray, (this season) MJD or Mathews, then to you Miller can look like a sure thing at his current ADP.

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      • In regards to Mathews, the addition of Woodhead makes Mathews somewhat unappealing. Mathews likely won't see a lot of action on third downs as he isn't a good blocker. I like taking chances, but with Miller, I've watched highlights and he isn't as talented as the backs you are comparing him to, with the exception of maybe Mathews.

        My main point was, if a guy is on everyone's sleeper list, how can he be a sleeper? I could go along with value pick, but sleeper should be a term reserved for players everyone is SLEEPING on...

    • guess i posted wrong. Was supposed to be a reply to Lamar Miller. Now's the time to tell me how wrong I am.


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