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  • Matthew Matthew Jan 14, 2013 5:02 PM Flag

    Keeper League Trade: Kaepernick for Cruz?

    How many players can you keep? Would you keep Cruz if you made the trade? Would you keep Kaepernick if you didn't? How large is you league? I assume he needs a QB. If you have a top 6 QB that you are already keeping and have room to keep Cruz without losing a better player, do it.

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    • 12 Team Keeper league... 4 Keepers per team. I have Cam as my keeper at QB. My other keepers after the trade would be: Cruz, Crabtree, Witten.

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      • If you haven't made the trade yet, hold on a bit longer. You can do better than Cruz, and if the Niners win it all you can get a big return. Stevan Ridley or MJD or Frank Gore, and a late draft pick swap that results in an improvement of a round or two is possible.

      • Make the trade.

      • you have a dilemma besides what has been suggested:

        1. 12 team keeper league and everyone's going to want a backup which doesn't leave that much in the pool, assuming some will keep 2 qb's.

        2. i really like cam being a panthers fan but what will 2013 bring? most talented team individually in the nfl that sux. i'd feel more comfortable w/a solid backup to cam and Kaepernick fits that bill. plus panthers have new GM this year so let's see who stays,plays,etc.

        3. Cruz is a very solid good player; HOWEVER, he's got one of the most inconsistent qb's in the league throwing to him. watch the pro bowl???? INT right off the bat by Eli. also, there are plenty of wr's out there that put up cruz type #'s. wr's usually are a dime a dozen.

        i think i'd see who the other managers want to keep. does the guy who wants Kaepernick have another qb he's keeping or not? gl. i know i didn't tell what to do, just to give you some things to mull over until your deadline. i think there are a lot of variables out there. another point too--wait until after the SB. if the 9'ers win, then Kaepernick stock goes up and if nothing else maybe good for trade bait??? i'd hold a bit longer. gl!


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