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  • Matthew Matthew Jan 28, 2013 1:38 PM Flag

    Russell Wilson or Joe Flacco?

    The question was for wildcard weekend, not the super bowl. Wilson was playing the Redskins' sieve of a defense, was red hot going into the playoffs, and Flacco was not doing well entering the playoffs. It is easy to criticize my advise now, but would you have given differing advise then??????

    • hold on a minute. i wasn't criticizing your advice. it is what it is. advice. and i gave my view. what it was mostly about (my post) was about the scamming of wilson's auto when others aren't that much. heck, a joe montana's auto mini helmet's 1/2 the price of wilson's. go figure! last year this time i bought a cam newton auto mini helmet for 1/4 the price being asked on ebay for wilson's. wilson not much better. my post was mostly tongue in cheek and about my disappointment in others trying to cash in on wilson's accomplishments this year but everyone do NOT pay those prices!!!


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