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  • jim jim Jan 2, 2013 1:22 PM Flag

    sat eli and lost

    Dont worry, all this dr phil guy does is troll on here. I see him alot with nothing positive to say

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    • quite the contrary. i offer advice, i ask for advice...and among those who regularly come here to actually talk football....and not whine like children when they can't take responsibility for their own actions...i have as good of a reputation as anyone in these forums. you, jim....must be one of those is is sympathetic to whiners...so i should expect such a response as yours. now...go back to sucking your thumb.

    • Danny....spoken like a true supporter of 'whiners everywhere'. i'm suprised you didn't use the term 'hater'. that's the most common term assigned to anyone who disagrees with you...most commonly used when you know the person is right...but it #$%$ you off. children...will be children....


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