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  • LNM LNM Dec 30, 2012 1:17 AM Flag

    Russell Wilson or Eli Manning? Still in playoffs

    Russell has put up big numbers, but I keep thinking they are going to pull him out early. Eli will probably stay till end. idk. Help.

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    • The last time Russell played this team, he got 3.40 points. They held him pretty good. But he's so much better now.

    • I personally would go S. Smith and Greg Olsen. Olsen has scored 5 straight games with alot of yards. On a roll. And same with Smith. Made over 100 yards in 4 straight games. I have Reggie Wayne, but no one to replace with. He's Luck's guy, but I think they might rest him. Indy already in. Idk. Just my thoughts

    • play wilson he is a rookie, he wont sit. lil help for me. gronk or olsen pick one and dx, wayne and s. smith. pick 2 non ppr.

    • wilson pulled out early? not heard of this and it's not russell's nature to want to sit. eli will stay to the end but at what stats? last week he was HORRIBLE. giants didn't come to play and i don't think they have the drive to want to win at this point. plus eli's one of the most inconsistent fantasy qb out there. i know. i've been burned by him several years now. no longer. wilson is hot so go w/the hot hand. even if wilson is pulled, he'll probably do better in the 1st half than most the whole game. gl!


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