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    First week of 4 team playoffs, having 3 New England players has me thinkig of a strategy to help, would sitting Brady vs San Fran for Josh Freeeman vs New Orl in this situation b the smart move here since I have Welker and A Hernadez n if this turns into a low scoring game or N E has a Bad game I wouldnt be out 3 players from my squad.. I just keep thinkin can Josh Freeman have a BAD Game!! vs N Orl.. Or how good of a game can Brady have vs SF . PLz help , I picked up T Sheffler because lions have no one to throw to but Calvin!! should I maybe start Sheffler to counter Stafford..

    PlZ Help with thoughts and strategy to give my team the best chance at winning. N move on to the superbowl.......... Is chancing playing 3 Patriots worth the risk that if they are held it would eliminate 3 players and I would most likely lose............... All thoughts and comments.................Greatly appreciated..

    My Team------ His team

    T Brady--------M Staff
    M Lynch----- M Forte
    D Martin------- A Foster
    J Jones-------- AJ Green
    W Welker----- D Alexander
    A Johnson---- -P Garcon
    A Hernadez----H Miller
    M Prater--------- L Tynes
    Seattle D--------Miami D


    Josh Freeman
    Greg olsen
    D Murray

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