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  • Dommerdog Dommerdog Dec 12, 2012 9:48 PM Flag

    I'm embarrassed to ask - Romo or RG3 and other stuff

    #1 going into week 15. Thank goodness for the bye or my team would've lost!

    Neither Romo nor RG3 has appealing matchups. Assuming RG3 starts, I'm apprehensive about how long he'll play if he takes another hit to the knee. Romo's capable of putting up RG3-like fantasy stats, when he shows up. (To be fair, RG3 is also capable of putting up Romo-like stats but not quite as low or as often.) I realize I'm asking for a reading of the tea leaves, but I really need some perspective here.

    I've also got Dez and Bradshaw. I've got Wilson but am awaiting more info before making a decision on benching Bradshaw. I'll play Cruz and Garcon at wr but wanted a healthy Dez at flex.

    I've got McCoy and Gronk on the bench. Would drop them both at this point, but there's really nobody available worth picking up.

    My opponent has AP and beat his opponent in week 14 by only a narrow margin. This is the best season ever and first time in playoffs. I'm not ready for it to end.

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    • Between Romo and RG3 I go RG3 just because he has been solid all year (still might be the number one guy overall in points but I'm not sure) and he has a much better matchup. The Steelers have been very good against QBs but they didn't do to good without Taylor last week. He could be out again this week but if there is no Dez then I seriously doubt it.

    • I’m in a similar situation but for me Its either Cam or RG3. I benched RG3 after he was injured in the Atlanta game and the guy goes off for 41 points vs the Vikings. I told myself then I wouldn’t take the guy out unless he wasn’t playing.

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      • That is a tough one. I think RG3'll do well as long as he stays in the game, but who knows what a hard hit to the leg will do, and hard hits are part of the game. That's the only reason I'm even considering playing Romo. Still I don't think that's a good idea since Romo's pretty inconsistent, fantasy wise. I've even checked out the free agents. Freeman and Rivers are available. No way on Rivers, and I don't think so on Freeman, either. I think I need to dance with the one that brung me, if he starts. If he doesn't, the decision's easy.


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