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  • Marc Marc Dec 12, 2012 3:32 PM Flag

    Panicking? Need help? Rate my rb's and i'll gladly help you

    Forte, Wilson, Brown, BGE

    Trying to decide who to start this week in playoffs.
    Starting line up so far
    WR-V Jackson
    WR-R Wayne
    RB-J Charles
    RB-A Peterson
    Flex- A Morris
    TE-J Graham

    QB-C Kapernick
    WR-P Garcon
    WR-M Austin
    RB-F Gore
    RB-D McFadden
    TE-J Whitten

    If Dez Bryant is out, considering starting Austin. Can't decide if i should start Gore or McFadden in Flex for Morris.

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    • I think your pretty safe with gore, right now. If DMC is fully heatly i'm going with him though. KC is absolute garbage against the run. Its a huge gamble on his health though for a whole game. I would also play Kapernick. NE gives up 17 pts a game to opposing qb's and Cap is averaging 18, not to shabby, plus he is still 100% healthy which makes me lean to him now. Other then that you look good with your line-up. Oh, if Dez is out i would put in austin in the flex or in for wayne. Luck will struggle against a #$%$ off houston team, could be ugly


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