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  • Super Stew Super Stew Dec 7, 2012 5:41 PM Flag

    Brandon Myers... #$%$

    What were some of your ever so mature words ?? Poopy panties?? Change your diaper ?? Play with your toys ?? Throw your milk bottle ?? Limited vocabulary ?? Ask my mother ?? LOL No. there's nothing childish about those comments now is there ?? Very adult like to say the least !!

    Look John, I get it. I understand that you think you're a big shot around here. I also get that you're obviously just looking for an altercation. You've been antagonizing, provoking and have just flat out been a douche in general, from the start. And all because I made a remark about Palmer and Myers ?? Maybe a public hanging should be in order next time ... Sure wouldn't want to offend anyone or step on any toes with a bleeped out cuss word.


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