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  • Brian Brian Nov 23, 2012 1:03 PM Flag

    Matthews or SJax?

    Matthews is at home vs Baltimore but hasn't done much this year. He doesn't get goal line carries and gets pulled on passing downs (for some reason).

    SJax is on the road at Arizona. He's looked good the past few weeks but hasn't been scoring TDs either.

    Who would you start this week?

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    • I was a big Mathews fan before season started, but he really hasn't delivered and SJax definitely has, so I always err on the "horse that got you there" until proven otherwise. Getting cute at year end USUALLY isn't smart. Scoring system dependant (though I bet SJax is ahead in most every scoring system), I'd run with SJax this week. (each week if his carries start dropping then there is a risk of changing of the guard of course) Both are injury risks, so a wash in my mind.

    • They both arent scoring TD's but i lean more towards S.Jax being that he only split carries with one other rb and Mathews only plays the first 2 downs, then either R. Brown or J. Battle comes in on 3rd down and goal line sits

    • baltimore isnt the same team on defense so ill lean towards matthews

    • Matthews----in my opinion----has been a bust considering his high ranking....I'm starting Jax....

    • Pretty close call, but I would have to lean towards Mathews. He has been shut down by good Def and the lack of passing game in San Diego, but with the emergence of Alexander you will see the other WR's open up a bit more which will in turn spread out the def a little bit more allowing a little bit more running room. I still feel Mathews is a great back, but it isn't easy to run the ball when you have a struggling QB and passing game.


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