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  • Ryan B Ryan B Nov 23, 2012 12:07 AM Flag

    Comical Trade

    James Jones, Ahmad Bradshaw, and Brandon Myers for Doug Martin, Marshawn Lynch, and Tony Gonzales

    My friend tried to make this trade earlier with his wives team. And when I called him on it he was like its fair because she has no shot at making the playoffs. It was vetoed by everyone else before I even had a chance to log on.

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    • i can't think of anything i've ever been involved in that sheds so much light on a person's character...or lack thereof. i worked in the field of psychiatrics for several years, and studying human nature was an inherent part of the occupation. but of all the different scenarios i've been privy to observe, study, and be involved in...the behavior of fantasy football owners is near the top of my list of the most interesting. and...the one i'd most like to someday write a book about. it's amazing as to what lengths some people will go to...to try to justify their unethical shenannigans.simply amazing. so many (like your friend) are so entrenched in their own #$%$. that at some point...they actually believe it :)

    • Cool story, brah


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