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  • A Yahoo! User Nov 15, 2012 1:16 PM Flag

    Question about QB for fantasy playoffs

    If there's another respectable QB in FA (maybe Locker), then I would trade Dalton. Luckily for you, you won't have to worry about Rodgers being benched at the end of the season since GB will be playing for playoff positioning until the end with their record in the conference. If I was a Matt Ryan owner, I would be scared. If I were you, I would trade Dalton/AJ/Young for an upgrade for a solid WR2. AJ will probably play only 1 half of games towards the end of the season. Same goes for Gonzo if ATL widens their spread over the 2nd place team in the NFC.

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    • The best QB in FA in my league are Cutler (just got dropped) Wilson, A.Smith, Ponder, Weeden, Noles, Gabbert, Tannenhill, Sanchez, I am trying to trade Dalton and T.Young for S.Johnson who I think is a WR2 right? I'm also hoping the WR I have on my bench will pull it together and return to them old selves (Britt, G.Jennings). But I dont see the point of carrying 2 QB from now until the playoffs especially since I have Rodgers who will play every game, so may as well try and trade Dalton and throw in Titus Young to get an upgrade at WR in my case it would be Stevie Johnson coming over to my team and joining my WR core which consists of A.Johnson, D.Thomas, D.Bryant, K.Britt, G.Jennings

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      • You can go ahead and try, but honestly, if I were another team in your league in need of a QB, I take my chances with grabbing Cutler and Wilson and play them based off matchups. But it doesn't hurt to try. If there aren't any takers, then I highly suggest including either AJ or Dez Bryant in a trade to upgrade for a more consistent WR (someone other than Stevie). I've had Stevie Johnson the past two years and as a previous owner, I can say that his week-to-week stud/dud play annoyed the heck out of me. I'm guessing you play in a standard league which means, you only play 3 WR. If that's the case, improving your WR2 to go along with Thomas, and hoefully either Jennings or Britt play better, I think you'll be fine. Or if you really want, try to upgrade Gore, since Gore is going to have a very brutal schedule the rest of the way including fantasy playoffs. Games against Chi, NWE, STL, Miami, Sea, and Ariz are no joke.


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