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  • Dave W Dave W Nov 12, 2012 10:20 PM Flag

    Which kicker for rest of the season???

    I have Suisham (Pitt). Someone just dropped M. Crosby (GB) to waivers. Should I make a claim this week for Crosby for rest of season & playoffs? Crosby kicks for high scoring team although Suisham might kick more FG for Pitt. Any suggestions? Thanks!

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    • i picked blair walsh up off waiver a few weeks back, hes been great

    • I'm riding Matt Bryant for the rest of the season.

    • Kickers and defense are so luck based that i dont feel like wasting my time trying to get the "best possible one". Remember Greg The Leg? He was all the rage four or five weeks ago and hasn't done jack **** since.

      One manager in my league picked up Connor Barth last week because Oakland has given up the most FP to kickers this year. He lost by one point and if he had played his regular kicker, he would have won.

      It's anecdotal evidence, but kicker's and defense's are pretty much fire and forget. Unless you know that a defense is going to face some blind kid from the make a wish foundation or some kicker can hit from 90+ yards out, there just isnt any point to putting any more than the minimal effort.

    • Actually schedule does, if you play a horrible defense that you score 5 tds on, your kicker gets 5 points. But if you play a little better defense and you score 3 tds and a fieldgoal, you get 6 or more points with 1 less score, and if you play a great defense like Chicago you may only get 1td and 1 fieldgoal, which is 4points. So it may not vary much on points but it does have an affect. Crosby does bad because GB scores tds all the time, he got 6 for me one week all on tds. But in response to your question I agree with John G, Crosby sucks, keep Suisham

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      • there has been much analysis on this subject by people who are much more versed in the statistics that would support any theory...and in general, the only pattern that is prevalent in almost any research...is that you're more likely to get the most points from a kicker on a high scoring offense.

        I tried to follow your reasoning...and no disrespect, but it made absolutely no sense to me. as far as crosby...he's an anomaly, and he misses a lot of attempts. hartley scored huge points the past few seasons on a team that score lots of tds. akers scored a ton of points and led the league when philly was putting up a lot of points. there's no theory however...that allows you to predict a kickers value with great consistency, based on, well....anything.

    • crosby hasn't done crap for most of the season.

    • Check their schedules and probably you will get the answer ..


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