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  • hivoltage3 hivoltage3 Nov 2, 2012 1:41 AM Flag

    what kicker 2 have rest of way? some good points to be made or loss in our league.

    I have Hartley and he hasn't done squat but, luckily he hasn't hurt me yet!! I'm in 1st place and this week is going to be a close one with a lot of my players on a bye and giving up a 27 point lead to my opponent with San Diego's defense so a few points might make a difference this week.
    We get 3 points for a 1-19 yd fg(-2 for miss) 20 -29 yd fg=3points(-1 for miss) 30-39 yd fg =4 points(-1 for miss) 40-49yd fg=5points and 50+ yd fg= 6 points.
    Should I replace Hartley with Graham(hous)? New Orleans started off bad and has played well lately but I don't know? Here are their numbers.

    Hartley- Graham-
    wk-1=-6 wk-1=15
    wk-2=12 wk-2=11
    wk-3=7 wk-3=9
    wk-4=9 wk-4=9
    wk-5=7 wk-5=13
    wk-7=5 wk-6=9
    wk-8=2 wk-7=12
    wk-9 projections=10.92 wk-9 projections=10.87
    wk-10 projections=11.03 wk-10 projections=8.53
    wk-11 projections=9.77 wk-11 projections=10.06
    wk-12 projections=10.35 wk-12 projections=10.75
    wk-13 projections=10.93 wk-13 projections=10.49
    wk-14 projections=10.34 wk-14 projections=9.30
    wk-15 playoffs projections=11.23 wk-15 playoffs projections=11.30
    wk-16 playoffs projections=10.68 wk-16 playoff projections=9.82

    I really think I need to play it week by week even if I'm in 1st in a 12 team league. $600 bucks in the pot so if I can gain a few points and pull off a win this week I'd be ecstatic. So any ideas? There are a few other Kickers available but not many. I like STL's kicker(bye) and could get him next week if I wanted. I am open for any suggestions thanks.

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