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  • Kevin Kevin Oct 26, 2012 11:07 AM Flag

    MJD Trade Value??? Will Answer Yours

    In a 12-team, 0.5 ppr league that starts 2 RB/2WR and a flex. Currently tied for 1st place so I have a little bit of an ability to stash and sit on guys.

    Current roster is:
    Lynch, R. Bush, A. Morris, Leshoure, R. Jennings, A. Brown
    A. Green, R. White, G. Jennings, Britt, Garcon
    Bennett and Tamme

    The guys with MJD is willing to trade him, along with Fitzgerald for Roddy White and Andre Brown. I really don't need extra RB depth at the moment, but should I go for this? If MJD comes back for the end of the year I have an upgrade at RB, if he doesn't I have R. Jennings who will have value.

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    • I think it's a tough risk to take. Im really not a fan of Fitzgerald with either Skelton or Kolb throwing him the ball, and in my mind you are downgrading a shallow WR core on a coin toss that MJD comes back and helps in a month or so.

      At tied for first I'm not sure you should be tinkering with what has got you here, especially because your top three rbs are dirty.

      You should try and trade some package of Leshoure/Rashad/Britt for an upgrade at rb, maybe like an Antonio Brown or Decker type player, a solid WR2; and then I would make the Roddy White/Andre Brown for MJD and Fitz trade.

    • dont accept that trade. your RB situation is good as is. giving up your WR strength wont make a difference.

    • fitz scares me because of his qb situation. if he keeps getting low numbers, you take a hit at wr, since jennings is out for at least 3-5 weeks, if not longer. if you take the trade & fitz stalls, you could look at trading a rb or 2 for another solid wr.

    • Anyone else?

    • i am more worried about your wr's.. garcon and jennings are gonna be out for a while and fitz for white is a downgrade IMO, matty ice has some man love for roddy, he looks for him a lot! and like u said it would be nice to have MJD, but u have solid backs and leshoure can always break out a big game against a poor run d.


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