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  • Jonathan Jonathan Oct 6, 2012 9:26 PM Flag

    Hartline for Greg Jennings?

    Should I trade Hartline for Jennings? I know there is a big difference in name value, but Jennings has been hurt so would he be worth it?

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    • sorry but who is going to take Hartline in that trade...almost anyone who has Jennings will stay pat for now he will be given a long leash....especially for a so far streaky player like hartline who is only good cause team has not many decent recievers

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      • He actually offered it... He has Mike Wallace, Dwayne Bowe and Reggie Wayne as his starters. He lost Santonio Holmes and he is fed up with Greg Jennings. I don't see Green Bay starting him unless he's completely healthy. He wanted Ryan Williams, which to me wasn't worth anything. Hartline, as I said, is actually 3rd in the league in scoring (at least with my league's set up) and is tied for second in the NFL regarding targets. I'm not saying that's sustainable, but with that many targets it's hard not to do something.

        Anyway, thanks for taking the time to reply. If you have any questions or need advice I'd be totally willing to try and help. Thanks again

    • I think I'd go Battle or Lloyd. This might be Battle's last game where he might get enough carries for you, and I can see him getting 1 TD. With Lloyd, it's a shootout and he has gotten a lot of targets. Even if he has Champ Bailey on him.

      I'm not a fan of BGE, and he is facing a good defense.

      Hope that helps you out, you have a bunch of good starters.

    • better be looking for future value. i would say down the road, jennings would be a better choice. just dont see hartline keeping this up all season.

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      • Yeah, I was just hoping Greg could come back. Greg is a way better WR than Hartline, it's just a matter if he can stay healthy.

        Hartline is great trade bait right now, he's 3rd in WR scoring (at least in my league), came off a 30+ point game and is tied for second in the league in targets. So I was trying to see what I could get, especially considering my team. I'm playing in a 12-team standard league, and depth is crazy vital right now.

    • If you mean that you are giving Hartline for Jennings, then I would say do it so long as you can live without production from that bench spot for a few weeks. Jennings is the better player hands-down and it's a good opportunity to buy low on him.


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