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  • Alan A Alan A Sep 20, 2012 4:21 AM Flag

    Gosh, I can't make this decision.

    I agree with Tommy. Play your studs. If your RB3/4 weren't Brown/LeShoure there would be more of a discussion but the way it is you play DMC and ADAP.

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    • I completely disagree. Just because you used a first round pick on someone doesn't mean they are a 100% must start.

      Not only is McFadden having a tough time learning the new offensive schemes, he's playing the Steelers who gave up only 64 yards (on 16 rushes) to McGahee and 23 yards (on 11 rushes) to Shonn Green with zero TDs so far this season.

      Adrian Peterson vs SF? SF is the #1 rush defense. Aside from Marshawn, no one rushed more than 80 and no one else scored. I see a lot of 3 and outs for the Vikings this week.

      1) My first choice would be Brown vs CAR. He's going to have a decent workload and has the best chance of scoring this week.

      LeShourne is a nice back to have, but I think he's going to timeshare at least for week 3 since Kevin Smith has been pretty decent for them so far.

      2) This choice is tough, and I can see why you're so undecided. I would go with McFadden because SF defense is on a tear and I don't trust LeShourne for week 3.

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      • yeah i agree with that. thing is, im expecting mcfadden to get 5-10 carries considering how bad the raiders defense is gonna do against antonio brown and mike wallace, they're gonna be playing catch up from the start, so their gonna pass tons.
        and AP has a chip on his shoulder, and he's definitely a better back than Marshawn when he's 100%.
        Brown vs. CAR is a sure start for me though.


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