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  • Alejandro Alejandro Sep 18, 2012 3:44 AM Flag

    Who to sit next week?

    This league has two starting RB spots, two starting WR spots, and one flex W/R spot. I have six players I'm trying to squeeze into those five spots. Who do I sit: Wes Welker, Danny Amendola, Donnie Avery, BJGE, Alfred Morris, and Jamaal Charles.

    Charles seems like the obvious choice based on the first two weeks. But given my fantasy history, I just know that the instant I bench him, he will bust out with three TDs. (Happend to me with Bradshaw last year). He's got a favorable matchup against a weak Saints D in the dome. So I'm not sure if I sit him, or Morris? Or Welker? Or Amendola vs. da Bears?

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    • To me, WR's are up and down, whereas a good running back can usually get points. My advice would be to think about this.
      Welker is a no brainer to start at WR. But the other WR slot is Avery or Amendola. Avery is against the Jags, and Amendola is against the Bears. Which Bears team will show up? week 1 or week 2. If they get up big on the rams, mucho passes for amendola. If they don't? The jags on the other hand are kinda the same way, to a lesser extent. I think I like Avery + Welker.

      RB Charles/BJGE, pretty simple.

      Slot... crap man.. um.. Morris has actually been pretty consistent. Amendola is once again at that dreaded WR position that could bang or bust.
      I personally take the safe road with Morris. But if you got that gut feeling on Amendola, do it

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      • Thanks for the advice. I'm actually leaning toward benching Charles in light of the news that his injured knee from last year is bothering him again. If I were the Cheifs, I'd take it easy on him right now. I'm not totally giving up on Charles for the year, but for now, I may have to wait out his injury. If I did start Charles though, I'd probably bench Morris, because it's hard to say whether he or RGIII will get the rushing TDs, and I do have a gut feeling on Amendola, as you said.


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