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  • Michael Michael Sep 15, 2012 3:00 AM Flag

    Blockbuster trade

    I give: MJD and Reggie Wayne
    I receive: Frank Gore, Eric Decker, Mendenhall, and Ravens D

    I have Peyton Manning I think he's gonna kill it this year. I wanted to either get Decker or D. Thomas,

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    • Where is the "Blockbuster" trade here? That's what I wanted to weigh in on...

    • Thats a HORRIBLE trade. Wayne is just as good if not better than Decker, and MJD is MILES ahead of Gore. Mendenhall is wasted roster space. Youre a big sucker if you take that trade

    • brother, u better go for the trade. i too wanted to get decker or thomas. yes, you're giving up MJD and wayne (i also have wayne) but you're getting frank gore who still has it and isn't worried about his workload being threatened w/ injured jacobs, james, etc...i'd go for decker 100%. yes, thomas and decker both, along w/ tamme will be getting points from peyton, thats what he does, but decker is the guy. mendenahll, u want him b/c once he's healthy (and depending on your RB situation) u can just keep him on the bench and use him as trade bait (much like i might do w/ d-williams if he shows promise over the next few weeks). u know once mendenahll comes back dwyer is done and redman will just take a few carries away from him and as said, u ether keep mendenhall is he's doing well and need him or use him for trade bait. with the ravens d, it's hard to say. don't know what d u have now. i mean u can never go wrong w/ ravens def w/ their secondary, ray lewis may be damn near 40 but he shed 40-something pounds and still looks great. reed is aging and showing it but still has some gas left in the tank, webb is a solid CB and keep and eye on upshaw. and their front 3 in that 3-4 is solid as well...ngata just tosses people around. all depends on what def u have now. hope that helped

    • No No No....Keep MJD and Wayne...unless this was a trade I offered you then go for it
      Mendenhall may or may not come back strong even if he gets healthy he didnt look to good last yr before the injury. Gore is decent player thought he was very underated in drafts;, however, he is no MJD and I suspect Gore will slow down some toward the end of the season compared to MJD. Decker is nice but Wayne is Lucks favorite target I think Id actually rather have Wayne despite the rankings (dont get fooled by o rank for WRs its all about targets)
      Unless your league has some weird DEF scoring its not worth trading just for a DEF (any)

    • i would only ever do that if you got thomas, not decker...

      you are giving too much. wayne and mjd are pretty much guaranteed pts.

      the people you are getting are not. and ravens def is worthless. D's are a dime a dozen

    • Go for it frank gore showed he still can put up points same with ravens d and u agree with both Denver receivers I like Thomas more than decker but both will have a good year in fantasy


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