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  • Christine Christine Sep 7, 2012 9:37 PM Flag

    This girl loves football....but needs some help!

    Should I drop either Colby Fleener or Jason Witten to pick up Greg Olsen? Olsen is projected to do better than both this week but my concern is if Fleener is a sleeper or if Witten gets amazing after he heals. HELP PLEASE!!!!

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    • well its bound to happen in fantasy...you drop a player and then, like magic they start doing good. you have to ignore that type of stuff or it will drive you(me) crazy.

      shockey is gone in carolina..who did they replace him with? if its nobody of note, Olsen should have a great year. However it looks like Witten lost some weight and gained a step

      Olsen and Witten toss up...i go Olsen

    • I think I would drop Fleener for Olsen. I have been a fan of Olsen since he was on the Bears, but now with Cam throwing to him I think he is in for a breakout year. He has more experience, he will be primarily running routes instead of blocking in the pass, and besides Steve Smith his only competition is LaFell who I don't think is as good as Olsen.

    • I would stand pat for now. Olsen and Fleener will only be significantly different this weekend if Olsen catches a TD which is kind of a toss-up this week since CAR is playing the worst run defense in the league, they'll probably score that way.

      I think this will be an interesting week to see how Fleener and Luck gel at the pro level.
      Do not drop Witten for Olsen, Witten will be a top 6-8 tight end when he gets back to health.

    • I would drop fleener just based on the fact that i think the colts will struggle in the long run.. I would pick up olsen just to back up witten till he can be productive.. I would give it a couple weeks and witten should be back to normal

    • oooh thats a tough one. Is there any chance you could offer one of them to upgrade another position (ie a rb/wide reciever plus fleener for a better wr/rb) or drob from another position? If not you have to grab him, he could well be a top 5 te and i'd rather sacrifice a gamble on fleener than 15 solid witten outings


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