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  • Will Will Sep 2, 2012 5:07 PM Flag


    Hi all I am looking for 1 active owner to replace a manager that no longer wants his team. The league is H2H, 10-team league, and will start Week 1. The team is actually pretty good and has the 2nd overall waiver priority.

    QB: C. Newton
    WR: Fitzgerald
    WR: Maclin
    WR: M. Williams
    RB: M. Jones-Drew
    RB: S. Greene
    W/R: K. Smith
    TE: A. Hernandez
    K: Henery
    D: HOU

    B: Meachem
    B: LeShoure
    B: M. Schaub
    B: Collie
    B: N. Washington
    B: D. Thomas

    Let me know if u are interested and i will send u an invite ASAP.


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    • I've been looking to join a keeper league, but I have a couple questions first.
      1. By the title do you mean it's the leagues first year or only the first year is free?
      2. If the second option have you drafted yet or do they still need to re-draft?
      3. How many keepers each year?
      4. Finally, in the scoring and settings what do you mean by "weekly waivers none"? I don't play with waivers as much as just using free agency.
      Please answer these to the best of your ability, if I like it I'm willing to join.

    • bountdrinker316 on yahoo if still available

    • Scoring & Settings

      Setting Value
      League ID#: 817556
      League Name: FREE KEEPER LG NFL 2012 1st Yr
      Password: xxxxxxx
      Max Teams: 10
      Scoring Type: Head-to-Head
      Start Scoring on: Week 1
      Can't Cut List Provider: None
      Max Acquisitions for Entire Season: No maximum
      Max Acquisitions per Week: No maximum
      Max Trades for Entire Season No maximum
      Trade Reject Time: 2
      Allow Draft Pick Trades: Yes
      Waiver Time: 2 days
      Waiver Type: Continual rolling list
      Weekly Waivers None
      Post Draft Players: Follow Waiver Rules
      Invite Sharing Tools: Disabled
      Playoffs: Week 15, 16 and 17 (6 teams) Note: Week 17 runs 6 days from Dec 25 to Dec 30
      Playoff Reseeding: No
      Divisions: No
      Lock Eliminated Teams: No
      League Pickem: Yes
      Roster Positions: QB, WR, WR, WR, RB, RB, TE, W/R, K, DEF, IR, IR, IR, BN, BN, BN, BN, BN, BN, BN, BN
      Fractional Points: Yes
      Negative Points: Yes

      Offense League Value
      Passing Yards 25 yards per point
      Passing Touchdowns 6
      Interceptions -2
      Rushing Yards 10 yards per point
      Rushing Touchdowns 6
      Reception Yards 10 yards per point
      Reception Touchdowns 6
      2-Point Conversions 2
      Fumbles Lost -2
      Offensive Fumble Return TD 6
      Kickers League Value
      Field Goals 0-19 Yards 3
      Field Goals 20-29 Yards 3
      Field Goals 30-39 Yards 3
      Field Goals 40-49 Yards 4
      Field Goals 50+ Yards 5
      Point After Attempt Made 1
      Defense/Special Teams League Value
      Sack 1
      Interception 2
      Fumble Recovery 2
      Touchdown 6
      Safety 2
      Block Kick 2
      Points Allowed 0 points 10
      Points Allowed 1-6 points 8
      Points Allowed 7-13 points 6
      Points Allowed 14-20 points 4
      Points Allowed 21-27 points 2
      Points Allowed 28-34 points 0
      Points Allowed 35+ points -3


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