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  • notquitesure notquitesure Aug 10, 2012 4:34 PM Flag

    Which 3 WR's would you start?

    always and never should not be said when it involves fantasy. the season doesnt start for a month. how can u say never start desean jackson? in 7 seconds he can get u 80 yards and a td. VJax is a huge receiver will get his opportunity at plenty of red zone looks for him to go up and make a play. did anybody watch the broncos game last night? peyton took over saw the coverage audibled and thomas was inches away from where he should have been for 6, tom brady will do the same thing with lloyd. if mike wallace holds out brown is pitts number one. all your receivers are good, although i agree that it does depend on there matchup every week. if you not weak at any other position i would hold on to all of them.. they start to produce once the season actually starts then they have trade value. if some get hurt u have good backups, i wouldnt jump the gun on anything right now.


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