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  • Big Rizzle Big Rizzle Dec 18, 2011 3:57 PM Flag

    D Thomas or K Smith? I will answer anything, I was the one who started Spiller today

    So, I am thinking that Thomas could have a huge game against New England. I actually thought the same gut feeling for Spiller and I started him over Smith because Smith doesn't play for another half n hour. Now look at what Spiller is doing, I am in a 1 PPR league and thought he was a more solid option as Smith has two other healthy backs to rely on and Choice is the only other active RB on Buffalo or one that gets reps. So now the question

    Still go with Demarious Thomas who is definitely hit or bust as is Smith, or go with The Director and see if he can do something since he is giving it a go. The thing is I have both Stafford and Tebow, right now I am with Stafford in the lineup as I think he is a much more safe option as he has nearly if not the most pass attempts.

    So I could still switch out Tebow for Stafford but my I sat NYG D last second and started Detroit D and today everything just seems to be going right...Thomas was my big risk I thought but what do you guys think?

    It'll be either Thomas or Decker that does it big, just how it works in Denver. Only one WR is the goto guy and Thomas and Tebow have chemistry but you have to think even with the demising New England defensive secondary, Bill is gonna stack up da box and he is a very defensive minded coach and I think he is underrated and will throw some stuff at Tebow. I mean he was the first team to stop the "Wildcat" offense back in Miami. He dominated it when it was big two years ago, he did have a much better D but still.

    Also, I will be here all day so up for any questions. Thanks.

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