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  • Gibbs Gibbs Dec 9, 2011 11:23 PM Flag

    Ryan Mathews or LeSean McCoy

    You never sit McCoy unless injured...NEVER.

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    • If you use words like NEVER then you are too stubborn to take other things into account.

      Mathews is starting to heat up and could go on a stretch run that wins titles for his owners.

      Week 12 he was projected to get 8, he got 13.
      Week 13 he was projected to get 11, he got 17.
      This week he's even projected to get more. It could be a big week.

      Michael Bush was coming off weeks were he got 18, 29, 16, and 14. Last week against the Dolphins he got 3. Shady is awesome, but why risk it when he has such a brutal matchup? Matthews is a much safer play.