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  • Ryan Ryan Nov 29, 2011 4:05 PM Flag

    Need a win! Huge week

    Im playing the first place team and i am in the last playoff spot, I neeed a win. I have been making some terrible decisions lately, like benching larry fitz two weeks ago, starting andre over harvin last week. I need help, and i am no longer to proud to ask for it.

    1 qb 2 wr 2 rb 1 flex.

    QB- Romo vs ari
    RB- Forte, Bush vs mia
    WR- Fitz vs dal, Harvin vs den
    Fl- A. Brown vs cin

    andre johnson

    Thats what im thinking, any thouhts good or bad?

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    • anyone else?

    • I like your line up the way it is. I am expecting big things from laurent thus romo should have a big day. So maybe you can help me with a couple things one would you play brown over wallace? I have victor cruz and laurent in. I would flex a back but that is my problem. I already made the playoffs but I am in running back heck. I have demarco a clear starter but my other options are steven jackson, ahmad bradshaw and kevin smith. Is bradshaw going to play again this year and is smith only going to miss a week? I was thinking of getting maybe spiller or tate? I know its sad but basically handcuffs are on the waivers. With yates in at qb will tate have increased value? And is it possible for benson to pull a suh? i like the bengals playoff schedule arizona and st. louis. .

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      • i dont know how your league is set up but it sounds like its 3 wr 2 rb and a flex. If thats the case i would go robinson, cruz, wallace. you cant sit wallace out he's too good. Rbs- Murray, Jackson. I think bradshaw will come back and be a beast when he does, he has shown he can play though injuries so i say wait on him. Flex- brown would be fine but thats risky 2 wrs from the same team. I also think spiller will be serviceable if you can drop someone to get him. So for your flex drop someone take spiller

    • Thanks guys, any other opinions

    • Looks good...only thing that MAY bite you in the a$$ is Harvin over A.Johnson...nonetheless, P.Harvin is the safer play...Hard decision, b/c A.Johnson has the talent to explode...unfortunately he does not have a reliable QB...I realize the O-Rank next to his name can be dizzying but just look at R.Wayne (and C.Painter)....A.Johnson needs a game on the bench and b/c this game is important - I would not take that gamble...you know what P.Harvin can do (more or less) and you should start him over AJ with confidence...even if AJ outscores him, it shouldn;t be by very much.

    • I like your line-up but the only thing i would think about changing is Spiller. I know he had a less then Par showing last week but he is up against a weeker D. he will also get some more recieving yards this game. But your line-up looks good. good luck

    • Your lineup looks good.


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